Watch me SELL 2 final expense life insurance policies (live sales calls)

Watch me SELL 2 final expense life insurance policies (live sales calls)

Watch me close two final expense clients on the phone. Here is how you master the one call close! This is my final expense sales presentation. In this video I share with you raw footage on my sales presentation that has allowed me to sell over 300k of final expense. I hope this videot helps you win in insurance sales!

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47 thoughts on “Watch me SELL 2 final expense life insurance policies (live sales calls)

  1. Did you sell the second guy GIWL and if so what about the 2 year waiting period? I’m new so still just learning what options are out there for the people that can’t qualify for the other options.

  2. Guys a joke. Don’t be like this agent. Cares about money in his pockets more than taking care of the client. There are carriers with way cheaper rates for the same coverage and he knows that too.

  3. Here are some golden nuggets about what the VA does for vets. Up to $300 for burial allowance, up to $828 for plot allowance and up to $2,000 for non-active-duty service related death. If you were Dishonorable Discharge your not considered a veteran by the government … so you don't get access to most of that.

  4. Lol I’ve lived where Billy’s from I know the areas mentioned, they can be tough out there lol you killed it!! This is great stuff thanks so much Peter learning a lot from you

  5. That second guy was awesome!!! These people are a hoot. I like that, unlike mortgage protection, 1 leg closes are totally doable … i don't see that happening for a 500,000 term policy without the wife being on the call … which means a second call and going over everything again … thanks.

  6. @PeterRoberts I would love the opportunity to speak with you. I am a licensed Life Insurance agent in four (4) states. Please dm me.

    I have been watching your for 3 hrs. Love your knowledgeable videos.

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