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Travel insurance protects against a multitude of losses beginning with flight tickets, auto accident insurance, lost baggage, yet perhaps the most important is life and health insurance while you’re out of country. Don’t be foolish to pay for insurance you don’t need. First check with your present insurance policy if travel insurance is covered and what is covered. If it isn’t covered, or not sufficiently so, don’t hesitate to ask to update your policy to the coverage you want. Often it’s an option you simple were not aware of.

When all else fails , we recommend you get insurance to cover your health at the very minimal. All other insurance loss can be endured but an unexpected health incident may cause untold losses.

Our choice in travel insurance lies with this company for it’s broad global reach and it’s package plans that really suit exactly the coverage you want to include  or exclude from your travel insurance. The Travel Basic plan provides the essentials for your travels, while the Travel Select plan allows you to customize your coverage. The Flight Insurance options are also available for those who want flight-specific protection.

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