The Truth About Indexed Universal Life Insurance (Why Dave Ramsey is wrong about IUL)!

The Truth About Indexed Universal Life Insurance (Why Dave Ramsey is wrong about IUL)!

Unfortunately, we live in world were anyone can spout off their opinion on any topic simply with a few keystrokes on their computer and then broadcast it to the world through the web.
It is important to know that just because someone wrote it, does not necessarily mean it is true.
In this case, a author on the topic life insurance by the name of Dave Ramsey made some bold and incorrect statements about Indexed Universal Life.

In this video, I will clear all that up and explain why Dave Ramsey is wrong!
And because it is so easy for incorrect information to be so easily available, it is CRITICAL that you work with a properly trained IUL specialist who has your best interest at heart, to assure you achieve your goals and dreams.

To your abundance!
Doug Andrew

Key Moments In This Episode
0:00 Introduction & Summary
2:00 The article “The truth about Indexed Universal Life”
5:00 Proven performance of UIL
7:45 Truth: the cash value it NOT invested in an index mutual fund
13:40 Truth about the fees
16:13 The difference between IUL and a indexed mutual fund
24:00 How Linking works
27:48 What about the market?
31:05 5 Questions you should ask an advisor
36:38 Get Your Copy of The LASER Fund!

What To Watch Next
How a Max Funded IUL Can Earn Tax Free Returns that are Safer & Higher than Banks Offer

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Where appropriate, authentic examples of clients’ policies have been incorporated, with names changed or hidden to safeguard privacy. Additionally, past performance of existing client policies do not indicate or predict future returns. You should use caution in applying the material contained in this video to your specific situation and should seek competent advice from a qualified professional. Accordingly, the authors and publisher assume no responsibility for actions taken by readers based upon the information offered therein.

44 thoughts on “The Truth About Indexed Universal Life Insurance (Why Dave Ramsey is wrong about IUL)!

  1. Thank you so much for educate us about IUL , I just order your book and I’m listening to the Audio book this week , I’ve learn so much and I can’t thank you enough to everything you do .Much love and respect ❤

  2. Tbh id rather see Dave and let’s say you for example sit down, white board. Use same scenarios, include income/taxes/fees etc and see what person comes out on topi mathematically, that would end all discussions for me

  3. I don't know why Doug even responded to them. They did a great job to brainwash many people in this country and they are just making sure those people never open their eyes. We need more people like DOUG.

  4. I also am a partner in a real estate holdiings LLC as the properties are all paid off..Lack of write offs is causing tax bracket to be too high.. Can an LLC invest in this for the partners?

  5. Ramsey is too matter of fact or arrogant if you ask me. As if the buck begin and ends with him. If you are going to give advise on a topic please do your due diligence and properly research the topic, baring in mind your large following who will just eat up your words and not question it.

  6. I discovered you today and this is the second video I watch of yours, I am now a subscriber and loyal fan! Might I add, there's moments when you talk that remind me of the way Jim Rohn used to talk. 🙂

  7. I'm a life agent as well and I love IUL's. They are pretty much my main focus for tax-free savings and/ or retirement. Unfortunately IULs get a bad rap from many others in the financial industry. So I'm grateful for your videos and I will use them with clients when appropriate.

  8. Im so very new to all of this but you made it all so very clear. You mentioned over and over how the policy must be structured correctly but also mentioned how most agents don’t understand how this works. How do I know if I get a “well-structured” policy?

  9. Hi Doug, enjoyed your video, and you really help explain some information about IUL's. I can understand how you are very serious about wanting people to know about how insurance is structured, and how it functions. I have watched more than a few videos where one person talks about one insurance being better and on it goes. For the person, it is up to then to decide if the insurance policy they purchase is a decent product. So I won't say IUL's are good or bad, but that they can do well based on what you have said and explained. I do have a few questions: IF a person relinquishes their growth on their money, and gives the insurance company $40,000 interest of their $1,000,000 to buy upside options, and the options don't make any money, they don't loose any capital, but, if this happens 2 years in a row, and $80,000 has been put into upside options, that $80,000 is gone. So, in two years $80,000 is gone, and if a third year is bought, for a total of $120,000, the upside options would then need to make $120,000 plus five percent for the no cap growth within the policy to break even ?

  10. Hi Doug, you did an amazing job explaining this! I loved it and learned so much! I've had an IUL for 9 years now and see my money growing. I'm going to get your book to learn how to position it better. I would like to ask if the cash value in the IUL is added to the original death benefit in the end or is what David Ramsey says that we loose it true. Can you clarify or make a video about it? Thank you so much!!!

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