Taxation of Life Insurance, Annuities, Roth IRA, Traditional IRA

Taxation of Life Insurance, Annuities, Roth IRA, Traditional IRA

Study for the Life Insurance Exam with these helpful notes on taxation of life insurance, taxation of qualified plans, Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, MEC/ Modified Endowment Contract, and taxation of dividends. If you would like to purchase my notes, visit

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21 thoughts on “Taxation of Life Insurance, Annuities, Roth IRA, Traditional IRA

  1. I wish I could afford to tutor me on this because I failed Cal Life and Health exam again today. 9/27 I am rescheduling for a week out to study my notes and REMEMBER ALL YOUR NOTES. For Me this is life and death. I recently disabled and turned down a desk job to Help People with insurance. I feel stupid because the wording is tripping me up. And what excel taught didn't stick because it was "Dry".
    Any suggestions?

  2. Hey Queen, I just wanted to thank you for your videos because without you I would've never passed my Life exam. I am now opening up and I'm going for my P&C. Can you provide any guidance???

  3. Failed my health insurance state exam for KY and am losing hope. The taxes for group health is killing me, then the wording in questions is awfully confusing. I wish there was an app that had all possible variations of the test I can remember the questions the same way I did for my class A CDL

  4. thank you so much, all you do is good because I enrolled in life and health insurance in July 2020 but I failed the test. but I was just searching for some helpful videos on youtube to help me pass the health and life exam. I found out about your great videos 5 months ago and I started watching them every day and listening every time when I am going to school or somewhere and taking notes, now I almost know everything about health and life. last week, when I enrolled in a cram course, I am just answering every question that is all because of you. one day I would like to meet you via zoom or on phone to recommend me a lot how to pass it. thank you so much again for making it

  5. Absolutely very nice to see you again, and this video was really a great reminder for me of some of the study v material when I passed my health, life and annuities state exam.
    Thank you again Ms. Purposeful Woman.
    Thank you

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