Insurer FM Global Upheld in Firing of Longtime Executive Who Claimed Age Bias, Retaliation

New You can now listen to Insurance Journal articles! Rhode Island-based Factory Mutual Insurance Co. properly handled the firing of a long-time employee who claimed his axing in 2018 was due to age discrimination and retaliation for his complaints about the company taking no actions against another employee accused of harassment. On November 1, the […]

Abortions, Drug Use Exposed in Cyber Attack on Australian Health Insurer Medibank

When the Australian health insurer Medibank Private Ltd. was hit with a ransomware attack last month, it provided regular updates to its customers, including the revelation that personal information from nearly 10 million of them was exposed. It also followed the government’s guidance on how to respond to the extortion demand. Medibank didn’t pay the […]

Lloyd’s Insurer Ascot Resumes Quoting Cargo Insurance for Black Sea Grain Shipments

Lloyd’s of London insurer Ascot is once again quoting on its cargo insurance facility for the Black Sea grain corridor, the facility’s lead underwriter said on Wednesday after Russia announced it would resume its participation in the accord. “In response to today’s news, the Ascot-led ‘AsOne’ facility is quoting again, effective immediately, and we have […]