Stargazing, Camels and Medinas: Explore Mesmerising Morocco

Just three and a half hours away by air from the UK, Morocco is worlds away in every
other respect. From the dramatic Atlas mountains and alluring Sahara, to the buzzing
medinas and fabulous cuisine – your Moroccan adventure beckons…

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Why Morocco?

Morocco is one of North Africa’s most traveller-friendly destinations, offering an alluring mix of majestic mountains, ancient cities and warm hospitality. The weather is great for most of the year, too – although autumn and early spring offer the most comfortable temperatures. It’s also considerably cheaper than most European destinations, with an affordable train network, myriad cheap eats, and low-cost accommodation.

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Where to Go

Get a taste of old Morocco in the winding alleys of the coastal city of Essouriera, or the Nation’s backpacking mecca, Marrakesh. See the new Morocco rise up in the chic modern neighbourhoods of Casablanca and Fez, where the long-standing pleasure of people- watching in cafes – invariably over a mint tea – continues.

There’s a huge choice of accommodation available across Morocco – much of it both high quality and affordable. We recommend staying in a “riad” – a hotel or guest house built around a breezy internal courtyard.

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What to Do

Ascend North Africa’s Highest Peak: Mount Toubkal (4,167m) is just 40 miles to the south of Marrakesh, but lightyears away from the jangle and hum of the big smoke. It takes two days to reach the summit, so it’s an ideal expedition if you’re on a longer trip.

Explore the Djemaa El Fna Medina: Wander Mareakech’s buzzing Djemaa El Fna medina, where a dazzling array of leather handicrafts, ornate teapots, carpets, rugs, spices – and much more – can be haggled over.

Take care not to get lost in the maze of alleys in and around the medina, and don’t always go by the directions of the locals – you may end up in someones carpet shop!

Sleep Under The Stars in the Sahara Desert: Book an overnight camel trip where you can enjoy some of the best stargazing on the planet. A top stargazing destination is the Merzouga Erg Chebbi sand dunes in the Sahara desert, where the clear skies make for an unforgettable experience.

Choose an excursion with a luxury desert camp for extra comfort. Aim to book in spring or autumn, when it is warm enough to sleep outside and the skies are wonderfully clear. If you do plan a desert trip, stay up to date with the weather forecast – sandstorms are not unknown and can ruin an overnight excursion. Around three days are required.

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What to Eat

While Morocco is a treat for your visual and auditory senses, it’s also an ongoing delight forvyour taste buds. Tagine is a must-try – a kind of stew made in a dish with a conical lid. Chicken, vegetables and spices are key ingredients, but vegetarian versions are easily found.

Other culinary wonders include couscous, ssara (a rich broad bean soup), fish (marinated in herbs and grilled), and harira soup (tomato, lentils and lamb). And of course, the locals will offer you a refreshing mint tea at almost every opportunity!

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Good to Know: travel Safety & Etiquette in Morocco

● While you can enjoy Morocco all year round, temperatures are best in autumn
(September-November) and early spring (March-April). A midsummer visit may be
too hot for some, while a midwinter trip comes with chilly nights.
● Dress appropriately. While men are less restricted in terms of clothes, women are
expected to dress modestly – this means no bare shoulders or legs. Too much skin
on display could attract unwanted attention. A shawl or scarf can make a great ad-
hoc cover-up.
● Buying things isn’t always straightforward. Haggling over prices for things like
souvenirs and clothes is expected in many places. Always establish the price for
services like hair cuts and taxis, and always keep small change with you (few cab
drivers seem to carry change!).
● Plan your routes in cities. If you look lost, someone will almost certainly appear to
offer directions – and will almost certainly ask for a tip in return!
● Flash flooding is not uncommon in Morocco – including around Marrakech. Stay up to
date with the weather forecasts, and don’t take unnecessary risks if bad weather is
on the cards.

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