March 21, 2023
She Used Her Whole Life Policy to Pay off Her Mortgage


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10 thoughts on “She Used Her Whole Life Policy to Pay off Her Mortgage

  1. Good stuff as always Steve!
    One question I had about guardian is how they apply loan repayments. Do they apply first to the loan principal (like mass) or does it first go to paying outstanding interest ? From how the illustration was set up, it sounds like you either have the choice or it goes to interest. Also, could you share any videos you have on repayment of mass mutual policy loans ?

  2. Steve is absolutely the very best…. I'm so glad I made the choice to have him design my policy. Thank you for this illustration. So well explained. I mean, I just Love the option of becoming my own Bank. Coz, why not!?

  3. Im so happy I found your channel. I am a single mom with mortgage. You made me feel I can pay off my home before I retire. 💪🏻

  4. Its is the agent I agree J Rod. I been with Steve 5 years. He is the most transparent agent you will ever come across , he breaks it down. See how many 60/40 agents are putting stuff out there compared to all the designs and scenarios Steve shows .They will talk crap about the 90/10 80/20 argue how bad it is. Hmmmm commissions focus only. Motivational Show how transparent are they. Everybody's the best if they can get your commission . But how much time are the best spending out there like Steve does ,this guy is the real deal.

  5. What are your thoughts about a Mass Mutual HECV utilizing the LISR rider vs manipulating PUA's? Client is more focused on early access to cash, moreso than retirement supplementation which is why I'm leaning toward the HECV vs a WL65 or WL100.

  6. It's hard to choose how to jump into the Infinity Banking game there are so many people out there promoting theirs as the best, but honestly, I can't tell who's lying and who's not. What is the best company and the the best way to get into this?

  7. It's interesting, but why not just take that $70,000 that she's putting in the policy every year and apply that to the principal. I'm not sure what the interest savings would be but would have to be substantial. And then put $2,000 a month into your policy at the same time so at the end of two years you've put in $48,000? Then you're not having to pay interest for the loan from the insurance company I guess I'm just a simple person and if I had that kind of money that's probably how I would do it

  8. Smart lady! My guess is either scenario is better than the bank/mortgage. And the flexibility is an intangible the bank cannot offer. If God forbid, the SHTF, she can manage this better than having the bank breathing down her neck. Typically, anytime one can pay down a loan quicker, the better so I like the aggressive paydown. My favorite part of all your videos usually occurs near the beginning when you say "Are we ready to have some fun?" Heck yeah!

    Your case studies keep me coming back every day! Real. Life. Thank you!

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