Reduce Premiums on Student Auto Insurance

If you are in high school or college you can reduce the premiums on your student auto insurance if you keep your grades up. If you are on the honor roll or have a high grade point average you can call your current insurance carrier and ask them to give you a lower rate because of your grades. Most carriers will reduce them. If your carrier won’t give you a reduced rate you should shop around for a carrier that will give you a discount for high grades.

You may be able to get a lower premium on your student auto insurance if you stay on your parents auto policy. This is especially true if you and they both have a good driving record and a good credit rating. If your parents have had their insurance for a while, you should be able to get a good rate as well. Keep in mind that rates for younger drivers are going to be higher than for people who have been driving for a lot longer.

You can take a safe drivers course and show your insurance carrier that you successfully completed the course. They should give you reduced premium for completing the it. You should do an online search for companies that offer student auto insurance and compare the rates and types of coverage they offer. You can then select the company that best fits your needs. Some insurance companies may offer you a reduced rate if you live at school and only drive on the weekends when you go home or on breaks. If you live at home and commute to school, you can save money on rates if you carpool.

Whatever you do, drive carefully and keep your driving record clean. Never drive while intoxicated or you won’t need student auto insurance. You will not be able to drive at all.

Source by Eddie M. Abel

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