Progressive Commercial announced a partnership with Motive, a Technology provider of automated operations, to offer its customers the Motive Driver Safety solution. With the AI-driven Technology, Progressive Commercial will provide commercial customers with 40% to 50% monthly per vehicle subsidies and reduced auto insurance premiums, as well as data on auto safety and driver behaviors. 

“Motive’s partnerships with insurance providers like Progressive are significant because it allows drivers, fleet managers, and insurance providers to partner more closely to monitor their safety profile, track improvement, and save money on premiums as a result,” says Jai Ranganathan, chief product officer at Motive. “We are constantly improving our machine learning models and adding more features to our Driver Safety Solution as this becomes more standard for industries across trucking, construction, oil and gas, food and beverage, and more.”  

Customers of the Motive Driver Safety solution will receive the smart Tech AI Dashcam – a smart camera that accurately detects unsafe driving habits, including harsh cornering or tailgating other vehicles, and actively alerts drivers of safety issues. The dash cam uses safety behaviors to generate automated coaching and sends notifications to the driver in real time to reduce accidents. According to a study by Motive that examined more than 5,000 Motive fleets over the span of two years, “fleets that used Motive dash cams and frequently coached had 22% fewer accidents and 56% fewer unsafe driving incidents than fleets that didn’t use dash cams and didn’t coach. Fleets also saw up to 10x return on investment (ROI) in their first year with Motive.”

The AI Dashcam also faces inside the car, as well as on the road, and can notify drivers of violations of seatbelt use. High definition video footage from the dash cam is stored and accessible to safety managers for insight to safe or unsafe driving behaviors, and the recordings are also available to drivers involved in unjust claims and litigation. The Motive study also found that 72% of drivers were exonerated thanks to the drivers’ high quality video footage.

Progressive Commercial also named Motive as one of its preferred vendors for Progressive’s Smart Haul program, where, in exchange for sharing their driving data, for-hire truckers using an electronic logging device (ELD) can save on their commercial truck policy premium.

“Insurance is one of the top five largest expenses for truckers. With our Smart Haul program, we are helping truckers turn their ELD requirement into savings on their insurance premiums,” Luke Harmer, product development manager of Progressive Commercial, said in a press release statement. “Enrolling in Smart Haul is easy, and now, with our new vendor program, truckers with a vendor ELD will receive the largest range of savings. This means that Motive customers will get at least a 5% discount, but with an established safety record, they can save up to 12%. Plus, we reward safe driving habits with a personalized rate at renewal.”

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