Nationwide partners with Human API for faster underwriting

Nationwide announced a partnership with Human API, a health data platform, to improve its Life Insurance buying experience for customers. 

Human API’s Health Intelligence Platform connects electronic health data to enable Nationwide to acquire digital health data and eliminates the need for examination and laboratory tests.

Lee Fluharty, chief underwriter for Nationwide’s Life Insurance business, said in an emailed statement: “Traditional Life Insurance underwriting practices such as ParaMedical exams, labs, and obtaining physician records is invasive and time consuming. We see increasing demand from our customers and distribution partners to create an easy, non-invasive underwriting experience. This partnership is one of many process and Technology investments Nationwide has made in transforming our Life business. These improvements – including streamlined underwriting and a simplified digital application process – enable us to better serve customers who prefer a faster digital experience without charging higher premiums that commonly occur with simplified underwriting programs.”

The Human API platform allows insurers to access HIPAA-compliant digital medical data that a consumer has agreed to release. 

“Nationwide is committed to protecting people, businesses and futures with extraordinary care – especially during these challenging times. Our focus on improving our self-service capabilities and how we work in a virtual environment is making a big difference,” Fluharty added.

USAA also announced a partnership with Human API in August.

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