March 27, 2023
Must Know Before Buying Insurance | The Logic behind Health Insurance | Nitish Rajput | Hindi


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Most of us know that health insurance is important, but selecting it is so overwhelming that it just leaves us even more confused. Hundreds of options are there but which one is perfect for you.
Oftentimes we hear claims getting rejected or the company not covering what was promised. Is there anything we can do or learn to help us avoid such cases and make a perfect choice? Let’s discuss this.

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About the Channel:
Nitish Rajput firmly believes that there are adequate tools available online, and people can be brought together, informed, and educated collectively.
Social media and the Internet have the power to create any narrative but this channel will use the same to curate a healthy, informative narrative that can genuinely benefit people in forming an opinion that is backed by facts and uncompromised information without any bias. Nitish Rajput wants to empower and facilitate people to challenge atrocities and become more vocal about issues plaguing Indian society.
Book: The Broken Pillars of Democracy by Nitish Rajput
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46 thoughts on “Must Know Before Buying Insurance | The Logic behind Health Insurance | Nitish Rajput | Hindi

  1. Dear मेरा एक सवाल है क्या Health Insurance का Premium age की बजाय Person की Health पर आधारित नही होना चाहिए । एक वरिष्ठ नागरिक तंदुरुस्त है और कोई बीमारी नही तो 25/30 साल की उम्र का दुगना / तिगुना क्यों देना। क्यों नही साल में दो बार Health Check up at nominal rates for non-govt. uninsured category के लिए Policy बनाए , Aadhar Card based तो बहुतों को बिमारियों का इलाज आसान हो जाएगा और लोगों को स्वास्थ्य के.प्रति जागरूकता उत्पन्न होगी । 🙏

  2. हेल्थ इंश्योरेंस स्कीम तो बढ़िया ही ह लेकिन हॉस्पिटल वालो की नियत खराब हो जाती ही इनसोर्ड मरीज का जानबूझकर ज्यादा से ज्यादा बिल बनाते है आयुष्मान कार्ड वालो से भी प्राइवेट हास्पिटल छोटी मोटी बीमारी में लाखों का बिल बना पैसे निकाल लेते हैं

  3. Health Insurance koi kyun nahi leta hai, ye kitna complex hai. Ye sab iss video se pata chal gaya.🤔🤔
    By Chance le bhi liya to claim settle karvana alag hi tussel hai…😵😵

  4. Kya faida insurance ka Lena ka aise bi claims milta to hai nhi
    Pura Paisa waste

    Usse accha stock market me laga de
    Loss bi ho ga to kuch Paisa Bach to gaya ga

    Long term invest kare ga to accha return mil hi Gaya ga

    Jai shree Ram 🙏

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