Maine Retreats on Ban on Sales of Pre-Rolled Medical Marijuana Products

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Maine is backing down from some of its guidance for the medical marijuana industry by allowing the sale of pre-rolled products to resume.

The Maine Office of Cannabis Policy last month banned medical marijuana caregivers without a storefront from providing pre-rolled products, and increased the age limit for pre-rolled products sold in stores from 18 to 21, the same as the age limit for recreational marijuana purchase. The guidance at the time suggested that a tobacco license was needed.

But Attorney General Aaron Frey said Wednesday that existing law is ambiguous so he’s not going to prosecute registered caregivers for selling those products for the time being. He urged the Maine Legislature to provide clearer guidance when lawmakers reconvene in the new year.

The original restrictions created an outcry because pre-rolled products are among those most profitable for both the medical and recreational marijuana industries.

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