Life insurance Practice Test Exam Prep 2 (Simulator exam With Commentary) -YBLA

Life insurance Practice Test Exam Prep 2 (Simulator exam With Commentary) -YBLA

MUST Watch before your test:..

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As I mentioned in the video I ended up getting 7 Questions wrong:
24. 26. 40. 49. 50. 57. 60.

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31 thoughts on “Life insurance Practice Test Exam Prep 2 (Simulator exam With Commentary) -YBLA

  1. I just found you! It's been helping me in just 2 days….next time could you repeat the correct answer instead.of saying (b) or (c) I'm listening as I'm working at home…

  2. Fact correction! Whole life was not the original life insurance. The first life insurance was Term insurance. Whole life was created to get policy holders to keep their coverage and therefore pay for that coverage for their whole life. The replacement requirements were put into effect to prevent policy holders from being repeatedly being sold policy after policy primarily for the purpose of generating commissions. The replacement regulations also gives a whole life agent the chance to defend why they sold a policy with a higher cost and lower coverage to a client who qualified for a policy with greater coverage at a lower cost.

  3. I have taken the exam 8 times I honestly don't know what I'm doing wrong. Any tips anyone can give is appreciated. I want my next time to be my last time taking it. My score is getting better but I have not passed yet.

  4. How can I reach out to you, I had questions about applying insurance in regards to a disabled dependent child, and a mortablity and mortality question. Do you have an email?

  5. I dont know if you will read this but you helped me out so much with this whole practice. Even understanding the terms for some words or what to look out for the test. Because of you i passed my test. I starting crying and i thought i was never gonna pass. Took the test several times and was always close to the passing grade. I learned to take my time and just read the question slowly. But thank you sooooo much

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