March 21, 2023
Life Insurance Policy (SCP Orientation Tales)

SCP Orientation is an archive of files of the SCP Foundation.

Today Researcher R. will be reviewing a correspondence between GoI Research Department Lead Steven Rodriguez who wishes to leave Foundation employ to spend more time with his sick wife and Michelle Iverson, Site-55 Human Resources, who is attempting to convince Mr. Rodriguez not to leave.

Proceed to learn more.

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41 thoughts on “Life Insurance Policy (SCP Orientation Tales)

  1. Woah that was some tale! I can't believe what they did to him and more importantly his wife and child! This is up there in the top 5 most brutal stories to come from the SCP universe, especially given that they're all on the same side!

  2. Man I you can forget how ruthless the foundation cab be the you get this. They can be mote evil then the things they contain. At least 682 out right tells it will kill you.

  3. I wonder what he did that made him soo valuable to the foundation? He must've been pretty important to the foundation if they didn't want him to quit. Also u think with his wife's medical condition she wasn't able to survive carrying a child to term. I know the foundation is supposed to be cold but, this is cruel with their plans about swapping his baby with another.

  4. Anomalies are just as they are. Humans on the other hand can choose and change. And here we are where foundation is more ethical towards scp's then humans. Not only humans but their own best employees. Don't get me wrong. I'm all five hands in on valuing good of all over one person and I really cannot see somebody so high in the chain falling to obvious manipulations and PR play. Mr. Rodriguez signed his and his family lives to foundation and that's the price.

  5. Honestly the SCP foundation seems sadly better than many real-life corporations. Most would not work so hard to retain an employee, even a highly skilled one. I am not sure if the primary reasons are the need to retain his expertise or if it is more of an information security issue. Most corporations would not consider any one employee's expertise particularly difficult to replace, no matter how good they are. And information security, well, I'd consider amnestics or termination a first option from most places if they were available. The baby swap is the only thing I find it difficult to believe a corporation with the kind of power the Foundation wields would do, and that from an effort perspective rather than an ethical one.

  6. Jesus sociopathic Christ. Not only did they sneakily made him have a kid which was more than enough to keep him , but the kid was born healthy and because his mother had a congenital disease they're hiding his healthy baby, kidnapping one WITH THE Disease, hopefully actually treating it (more likely just letting it die) and then giving him back his healthy baby as if they cured it to build extra emotional debt. Like that's just unesecarry, everything they done to his knowledge already accomplished thier goal and he thinks they're the good guys but all that at least didn't cause him more harm the guy just lost his wife and now they're going to have him belibe and stress that his newborn is fighting for it's life fr the same.doseas that killed his wife just so they can give him back his healthy baby and say "look we saved him" jeeeez I'd say they did more than enough to lock him down for at least 18 years why scerw with the man's heart like that no way his work would be quality if he's worried about his baby dying I swear that whole cold not cruel thing is BS ironically they always bring it up whenever they do something really cruel.

  7. Wow….that's .. that's kinda messed up but at the same time I'm impressed by the SCP foundation hold on their employees and how well they go about it.
    Intrigued yes.
    Terrified slightly.
    Amused highly.

  8. Wow….this is more terrifying than any other. Really I know the Foundation is not really seen as the "Good Guys" but really this is the evilest thing that I have ever heard. Even 682 would be disgusted by this, and I know it doesn't take much for 682 to hate anything, but this would likely end up having the HR department his first target. I mean, would the GOC or any of the other groups go this low to handle employees? Geez.

  9. why couldn't they just cured his wife? i know this guy isn't 05 but the foundation has more then enough assets to help a few people besides keeping these scps locked up. they could have giving her one of scp-500's phill's or scp-427 to help her, i know those two scp's could have helped her the best

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