Marvin Mitchell is a 15-year financial advisor and executive who has figured out how to create wealth without relying on any other institution.

He was able to discover and master how to use a life insurance policy as a wealth creation fund, which can double or triple your money, to obtain millions for himself and others. What was once just one of the secrets that the wealthy would use to stay wealthy, is now out.

Proven not only by Marvin’s multiple Lamborghinis and $2.5 Million home in Atlanta as well as other properties and luxuries but by the continuous financial success of his students.

On Episode #64 of ITV Marvin Mitchell will teach  you, the Insiders the Path to Prosperity. 

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42 thoughts on “INSIDE THE VAULT: How to Use Life Insurance to Live Your Best Life with Marvin Mitchell”
  1. Y’all just not only saved me a bunch of money, but got me wanting to rethink my life insurance game. I read about this in Kris Krohn’s Have It All but this interview put some flesh on the bones. Thank you 🙏🏾

  2. Somebody call Marvin I’m really interested I really want to know how to this and then more it’s so much I want to do for my family. I want to ask you to be my mentor 💪🏾🫡🔥🔥 video 🔥 convo 💎💎

  3. The saver barrows against what's saved while collecting compound interest on the money like a cd..while paying yourself back, while still allowing residual income to pay off what was borrowed and also adding to what's already saved…I never dip into what's already growing! Not every saver is the same. But I get it!

  4. Life insurance whole life insurance they always ask you what your weight is if you’re overweight they don’t sell your policy what’s up with that

  5. Lots of conversation about being able to borrow against the policy. Who do you go to and present this policy when you need to borrow? I have one of these be your own bank policies, but I need someone to talk to me like a 5-year-old not like someone who knows the insurance industry. The conversation is always WAY over the head of the average person. I have had numerous insurance policies over a lifetime and no one ever seems to make it plain. They always talk as if they are talking to another one of their insurance sales colleagues. When you tell me that I am paying into an insurance policy and then when I borrow, I am borrowing from "myself." Yet, I am to pay it back. That in itself sounds like an oxymoron. How does one borrow from themselves? That's my money. Let's start there then tell me where I can present this piece of paper and tell them that I need to borrow $50k? Then tell me why does the policy decrease in value significantly from the amount originally quoted after less than 10 years of putting into the policy?

  6. Great information from the surface. I’m going to make some phone calls in the morning to see how the application of this process plays out. Will be a life changer if it’s possible.

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