Indexed Universal Life IUL vs Whole Life Insurance. Which is better? There is no question that IUL will win the illustration war. However, in this video, Chris gives the history of IUL and Whole Life along with how the regulators are clamping down on irresponsible IUL illustration tactics by insurance companies that are designed to sell more life insurance.

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0:00 Intro to indexed universal life vs whole life insurance
1:00 The History of Indexed Universal Life Insurance
2:29 The History of Whole Life Insurance
3:55 Banks are Largest Holders of Whole Life Insurance in the USA
4:30 Warren Buffett’s 2 Rules of Money
5:45 Indexed Universal Life Insurance Illustrations Don’t Tell the Whole Story
6:25 You Are Not Smarter than the Banks
6:46 Banks offer Cash Value LOC’s on Whole Life NOT IUL
7:45 Why don’t Insurance Companies use IUL strategies for the general fund?
9:30 How Indexed Universal Life Policies Options Work
12:50 Indexed Universal Life is the ultimate TRUST ME Product
15:00 How Cap and Par Rates Work with IUL’s
16:40 IUL Companies have Created their Own Problem
19:00 History of IUL Regulation Changes


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Chris Kirkpatrick launched LIFE180 as a solution to a problem. As the director of business development for a Fortune 1000 life insurance / broker dealer, he became disenchanted with the financial industry because of the lack of education provided to clients and how “financial advisors” were really just glorified sales people.

So… LIFE180 was launched to help give relevant financial education for people to create wealth. Along the journey, LIFE180 has evolved. Chris quickly realized he was passionate about not just helping entrepreneurs on how to leverage their money, but how to build their businesses.

Over the past 5 years, Chris has spent thousands of hours mastering the art of online business development for himself and clients. In 2020, LIFE180 morphed into a full service online business launch and development agency. If you need any help creating more revenue or generating more leads online, LIFE180 can help.


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By LIFE180

29 thoughts on “Indexed Universal Life (IUL) vs Whole Life Insurance | 2022 UPDATE”
  1. Amazing ! This seriously needs more views.. Almost as if there needs to more awareness. These advertised "safe upsides" are always questionable. After a quick google search, I'm here learning the difference between the two policies. I thank you sincerely!

  2. I’d love to see you and the King of IULs Joe Ross do a debate! Purely for educational purpose of course. There can’t be 2 truths, he’s a dynamic and highly educated individual like yourself but he swears up and down on IULs.

  3. Doesn’t seem objective. Explain without an opinion then offer yours. Even the history of both products leaned toward one product was explained with a glaring opinion and weighted wording. People don’t care which one is better they just want the facts. The history was selling Whole life vs IUL. STILL looking for an objective POV

  4. Hi Chris, I'm considering getting licensed and now concerned after watching a few of your videos about IULs (and companies who hype them). I want to "educate and help families" but not hurt them/ not benefit them long-term or care more about high commissions. Is there a way for me to join this popular company (owned by Aegon) and sell IULs responsibly? Thanks for any wisdom you have time to share.

  5. haha your common sense points seem more like a one sided naive statements with limited research. Really trying to beat down IULs there aren't ya?! Don't get me wrong i love certain whole life products but i also love certain IUL products. Not all of them are built the same way so to generalize IULs in this one big umbrella is so narrow minded. You're just saying statements but not providing any proof. Where is your actual research sources and what company's IUL have you dissected?

  6. What are your thoughts on TransAmerica? They're trying to sell me on a 13.75% annual cap rate for domestic fund, and 15% on the global fund. The illustrations they showed me show they've average 7% in the domestic fund. Also, what companies should I look at for iul companies?

  7. Hi Chris.. Hold On Chris..banks own IUL..cmon man Banks own IUL…are you serious…i can give you tons of examples offline if you would like..also Coastal States Bank..Bancorp will offer Cash Value Lines of Credit on up to 95 percent loan to value…what a minute Penn Mutual, Pac Life.. Minnesota Life all mutual companies that offer IUL..huh? I will set up a call with you my friend..good debate..I like both…

  8. Great info. Would you say that based on a customers risk level, WL = Conservative… IUL=moderate and Variable products=Aggressive? I would love to see an illustration of the best IUL Designed policy (Low Early, Low Late) with a conservative rate of return (say 3-5%) that equals the average rate of return of the best WL policy? Then, compare the actual costs for the life of both policies (say 10-30 years) since WL cost is constant every year and IUL, depends on design, are high wither at start or end. Then show columns with most relevant information to your knowledge.

  9. Wow! Interesting take. I have sold literly millions of dollars of IUL's and have drank the Kool Aid for many years. As I began to deal with more sufficated investors I began to see the benefits of whole life as a great place for "dry powder Money" and being able to be fully tranparent with clients rather than selling massive upside and avoiding the what ifs.. Appreciate the history lesson…

  10. I’ve been approached by companies focused on IULs particularly Premium Funded IUL as I’m working to get my insurance license, as a newbie changing careers in their mid 50’s trying to figure out what’s best in IMO’s, what would your recommendation be? Selling IUL, Premium Financed IUL, Whole Life, Final Expense…. Etc… Thank you if you have the time to reply!

  11. Amazing video! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience Chris. A lot of friends we know bought IULs without knowing how it works and all the risks involved… I like your 2nd common sense: let’s bring an IUL policy and a whole life policy with a similar cash value to the bank, to get a cash value line of credit. We’ll know the difference right away. 😊

  12. Good comparisons & very in-depth with how the IULs work. I like both & have both 🤷‍♂️ Ultimately though, I do believe that people should understand there is so much more potential outside of these policies rather than the irr themselves. I believe you’ve mentioned before leveraging these accounts into other Businesses, Real Estate. I think this should be the focus, not whether or not which one performs better because they both are not great internal ror products. I think the ideal strategy would include investing into the stock market (equities & options), whole life & then physical real estate / businesses. Removing Bond allocation all together & repurposing that allocation to Whole Life instead. This way you’d be diversified across the Stock Market, Whole Life (Principal Protected) & the huge upside of Real Estate & Businesses. Just my thoughts.

  13. Your comment regarding companies relying on IUL sales to fund whole life policies ultimately guarantees that they can't afford to adjust caps too low this would in turn affect the volume of IUL's sold which would negatively affect the whole life situation.

    With interest rates being so low over the last couple years they seem to bottom out cap rates in the 8% range. The cap should increase when the interest rates increase. If not then companies will most likely have some explaining to do. In my opinion IUL's do work given a long time to max fund them (young person whose ART is super cheap) even if illustrated lower than what they are allowed to do and then when it's time to start loaning out the money you change the plan to Option A to lower the COI. There is risk but much much lower than putting money in a vehicle (401k, 403b, roth) that is exposed to so much volatility not to mention the tax rates will be higher later down the road. I believe whole life has it's place but to me it's more of a supercharged savings account with death benefit attached.

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