Husband Killed By Wife and Friend For Life Insurance | The George Young Story

43 year old George Young was adored by everybody. He was a bodyguard to the stars with a nice demeanor and was extremely friendly. He was a hardworking husband and father to 3 boys. While coming home from work one day, he was shot dead as he was entering his home. Welcome to Viral Crimes. Subscribe and Hit the Bell Icon for More Stories.

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Channel Disclaimer: This video is to bring awareness to the victim’s story and meant to cause no harm. Please pray for the friends and the family of the victim. All information contained in the video is public knowledge and gathered from various news sources.

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35 thoughts on “Husband Killed By Wife and Friend For Life Insurance | The George Young Story”
  1. The accused still maintains they are innocent. What do you think? Sincerely, thanks for watching! Click the like button to support the channel. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE and hit the notification bell for more content.

  2. If you're married don't ever get a life insurance policy that big and have your spouse as the beneficiary because then they start getting ideas like this old hag. Only get enough to be buried

  3. She killed a good man for a dust bucket, I hope both of them rot in prison. Women like this irk my spirit, why kill him? Just leave and struggle with your dusty and kick rocks.

  4. This is just One More example of how you can do your very best to try and make a person happy, money, nice home, materialism etc etc but none of those things are truly enuff for some people, their heart is filled with evil

  5. Everything that glitters is not gold. Behind closed doors this woman had to be controlling and manipulative. 3 kids or not. With my ex-husband from two siblings I saw that his mother was a toxic, greedy, narcissistic woman who was overly competitive, jealous, and was making the entire house miserable. Only her husband and whoever else knew the real her and the kids know what masks she put on.

  6. This is horrible that the wife and another man planned the death of George. George seem to be a good husband and father. This wife sitting here lying through her teeth about her husband death. It's good that the police did a good investigation and figured it out that is was the wife and the friend. All should be held accountable and be held to the full extent of the law. RIH George

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