March 21, 2023
How To Use Life Insurance While You Are Alive

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How To Use Life Insurance While You Are Alive

If you know anything about life insurance it’s that you buy to protect yourself and other loved one’s in the case of your passing. But what if we were to tell you that a life insurance policy, if designed properly, can actually give you “living benefits” that are potentially more valuable than the death benefit itself?

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9 thoughts on “How To Use Life Insurance While You Are Alive

  1. I have term life insurance, how can I access my funds ? like what am I supposed to do ? or say? to an agent, to receive these benefits? They’re are so many videos about using your life insurance while being alive but no one is saying what exactly we need do to access our funds ?

  2. The guy to your right in the video, and who’s always in your comments…. doesn’t even have insurance spelled right on his YouTube profile description. He really the president of your company?

  3. Arguable my Favorite finical duo of YouTube 💪:

    I have a few questions ( as usual lol)

    Can a healthy 40 year old get a policy ?
    Is the NY a state that full protects your policy’s ?

    Do you need a “paid epidition writer “to over find the cash value of the policy ?

    Can a working middle class individual afford this policy ( soley asking this on your opinion from most of the people you see getting policies) ?

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