How to File an Auto Damage Claim

When you get into a car crash, the last thing you want is to be stressed by the claims and repairs process. At MAPFRE Insurance, we work with you to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

If you do get into an accident, first check to see if anyone is hurt and if so, get them medical assistance immediately. Regardless of what kind of accident it is – major or minor – make sure you call the police so that you have a report of the incident. When the accident involves another driver(s), make sure you exchange your license, registration and insurance information as this will all be needed for your claim.

The next thing you should do is report the accident as soon as you can by submitting the claim online or by calling us directly at 1-800-221-1605. Our 24-hour claim reporting line is available 7 days a week. Once you have reported your claim, a representative who specializes in auto claims will contact you during normal business hours.

Step 1: Appraisal

A MAPFRE Insurance Representative will then talk with you and make suggestions for the best way to get your vehicle inspected and begin the repair process. These options may include:

  • CAR EZ Program: MAPFRE’s optional CAR EZ Program offers customers a simple start-to finish, guaranteed appraisal/repair program.
  • ePICS: ePICS is a service MAPFRE offers that allows our customers to take their own photos and submit them online. In many cases, this eliminates the need of waiting for an appraiser to come inspect the damaged vehicle.
  • Field Assignment: A licensed appraiser will be sent directly to you to inspect your vehicle.

Step 2: Repair Shop

Once you receive your appraisal, you have a few options when selecting a registered repair shop. If you choose the CAR EZ Program, you will have the choice of conveniently located repair shops, the priority scheduling of repairs, and direct payment from MAPFRE Insurance to the CAR EZ repair shop.

Both MAPFRE CAR EZ Express Repair Shops and MAPFRE Preferred Repair Shops will perform the repair work listed on our appraisal for the amount we pay you plus your deductible amount. We also guarantee the quality of repairs performed by those shops.

Customers do have their choice of picking any registered repair shop, however, MAPFRE cannot guarantee the quality of the repairs.

Step 3: Rental

If you purchased substitute transportation coverage as an added coverage with your auto policy and your vehicle is not drivable during your repair process, your claim representative will assist you in authorizing a rental vehicle with Hertz. If you don’t have substitute transportation coverage, affordable rates are available via Hertz for MAPFRE customers.

When you select the CAR EZ program, your rental arrangements will be taken care of for you if you have substitute transportation coverage as part of your existing car insurance policy.

Step 4: Completion

If your vehicle is repairable, you can normally expect payment within 5 to 7 days after your appraisal is received. The entire process will normally take 7 to 12 business days from the date you first reported the accident.

If you chose the CAR EZ Program, repairs will be paid directly to the shop and guaranteed by MAPFRE for as long as you own your vehicle. If your repair was completed outside of the CAR EZ network, your shop will supply you with a form to allow MAPFRE to pay them directly.

Whichever option you choose, if a deductible applies to your coverage, you will be responsible for paying those funds to the repair shop.

If you’re not a MAPFRE customer yet or if you had a bad claims experience with your current insurance carrier, contact an independent agent in your state or if you live in Massachusetts, you can get a fast, free quote today to see how much you can save on your auto insurance!

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