March 27, 2023
(HELP!!!)  How to figure out what policy to write. (Life Insurance)

Ryan Reynolds breaks down in this video how to figure out what policy to write a client in an appointment with cheat sheets. Learn more about FFL Rush at or text Ryan at 480.330.9573

Learn more at Go on, you know your curious or Text Ryan at (480) 330-9573.

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19 thoughts on “(HELP!!!) How to figure out what policy to write. (Life Insurance)

  1. The reason why I enjoy this video so much, is because the focus is not on rebuttals. Even though they’re bound to happen, too many new agents seem to be so focused on rebuttals. This video is a great starting point and feels like the perfect barebones to get started, not too much to worry new agents, and more than enough high quality info to boost confidence. Much love ✌️

  2. Ive now watched this video a minimum of 8 times (1 time a day) but on average I may even tune in more than that. I just believe. the process, the product, and myself. I also believe in you Ryan and that's why your footage is so helpful!

  3. I cannot express how well you did here. If there is anyone in the business that ive learned from the easiest, its you man. The effort you put into this is quite substantial, and because youre so chill, I feel like some people dont think about that!

  4. Thanks for the video!! Just a heads up for everyone- I’m a type one diabetic, taking insulin since age 5. I’m now 40. Forester’s will now accept insulin use as long as blood sugar is under control with no complications (A1c under 10.0, I’m pretty sure). I was able to get a Strong Foundation term policy at a pretty reasonable rate.

  5. This was probably one of the most helpful videos I’ve watched and I’ve watched ALOT of FFL videos. Please do more like these. Love the interviews with FFL agents but this is golden. Maybe a video on passing the exam haha that would help me for sure

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