March 21, 2023
French Montana Says Labels Take Out Life Insurance on Rappers

Welcome back to No Jumper News hosted by AD & Poetik Flakko. Let’s get right into these stories…

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0:12 – Labels Take Out Life Insurance on Rappers
5:35 – Brooklyn Holds Parade for Pop Smoke Day






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48 thoughts on “French Montana Says Labels Take Out Life Insurance on Rappers

  1. I need flakkko to stop saying people flopped with his scale because album sales aren’t calculated the same as it was years ago or the same on each platform

  2. This foo ain’t about the culture he’s just invested hard to look like he is but he’s just tryna build himself up with enough following to bounce out can’t even answer the questions

  3. How many black companies has flakko actually invested into. If he is still using these apps and companies that don’t stand for the culture then it makes you a hypocrite. You gotta stand on the shit you say and claim to stand for.

  4. Guys, educate yourself. Life insurance is best when the person is still alive. There is something called cash value in an insurance policy which grows money tax free as long as the owner of the policy pays into the policy.

    Second, the person insured DOES NOT HAVE TO DIE for the owner of the policy to get paid, it’s called living benefits. If the insured get terminally ill, chronically I’ll, critically I’ll or critically Injured, the owner can get paid the death benefit.

    It’s a Great idea. It’s called “Key Man” insurance. Businesses and companies get key man life insurance on their key employees because they bring revenue for the business and if that key employee gets sick, inured or passes away, the company loses millions of dollars.

    Every small business from barbershops to large corporations like Amazon have key man insurance policies.

  5. Flakko needs to listen to slim jesus if he wanna hear fake drill 🤣 flakko you cant say the rapper you like that disses the dead is different than someone you dont like who disses the dead

  6. Flakko isn’t wrong in this case it needs to be addressed sooner than we thought and we didn’t give him enough time to hear him based on past interviews. I was mad asl at his delivery but in the end he was right. I been talking about this matter for yrs so I had to tune in.

  7. I don’t hate Flakko, but they definitely need to bring back Adam or replace him with someone else. I used to look forward to the No Jumper news every day but Flakko’s commentaries make me want to leave the video early

  8. Flakko should really take some CBD oil to relieve his anxiety so he can speak fluently or smoke some weed to calm his nerves I can barely understand him and honestly I can't understand him an at all I hope he sees this comment you black mathufukkka. Merry Fukkkn Christmas 🌲

  9. Damn near all of these 700 comments are speaking on how Flakko is bad , that should say something @nojumper. Tighten this man up or move him around bro he don’t need to be on everything just because he causes controversy. Like I get it he causes conversations like this that help the algorithm but damn we support y’all regardless of the ignorance pouring out of his mouth.

  10. Bro this damn near the only thing I don’t like about Flakko , just say you got caught and move on. This the main mf that be like numbers, numbers, numbers. Now all of a sudden he gotta reach for anything to prove a point. Poor sportsmanship on yo part Flakko.

  11. People call it a "Death clause", but its actually a clause that considers the artists ability to perform. If they die or get thrown in prison or are physically incapacitated, the record company owns all the artists music and assets, and life insurance is not uncommon either. These have been standard practice since the 50s.

  12. Flakko really said Future, Drake, and Kendrick all flopped, like he doesn’t know bundle sales aren’t a thing anymore.
    Also if he knew anything about NY rap rn he’d know the Bronx and BK are more or less even now in terms of numbers; Fivi, Rowdy, Sheff, Sleepy, Dusty, even Rah Swish and 22 are doing more numbers than most Bronx rappers and equal numbers to their bigger artists like Kayflock, Dougie, DThang, Ron Suno, etc. It’s just a competitive city

  13. The first time I agree with Flakko,
    Pop Smoke still got NY and got the sound. Fivio nice but he ain't that one yet. I feel like SheefG gon be something big.
    Sleepy Hollow got ah big buzz too.

  14. I fuck with no jumper because they had some REAL people on the channel with REAL information and views but this flakko nigga makes me not wanna watch do better @adam

  15. I'm tired of Flakko always talking about numbers dude. Fuck the gotdayum numbers bruh who do YOU think is the best artist of the year? YOU nigga not the gotdayum numbers. Can the mf flow?
    Is the production quality good? What do you think of his lyricism and longevity in the game?
    Simple ass answers this nigga uses Google info and numbers to explain his OWN PERSONAL conclusions and reasons. Your own personal opinion is not made up of numbers from sales and outside info. It comes from YOU AND how u feel about a subject, not numbers.
    I try to like Flakko I really do but his takes on shit are computer generated nothing organic.
    And when we talk about street life and people out here living striving to survive, he has no earthly idea what he's talking about. Its like being from the neighborhood everybody around you is from the hood living in the hood…and Flakko is that one little sheltered cousin from the suburbs come along trying to fit in.

  16. It might be bc I’m over 40, and or grew up on hip hop, but flakkos “takes” are not it. It’s a kid who sits in front of a laptop or on his phone swiping having all these “takes”. 😒. It’s like watching a 3 legged dog paddle in water. The fivo/ Pop OPINION is telling. It’s a low budget AK. “Numbers. Who’s really KILLIN” etc. it’s like GO OUTSIDE DUDE!! You can’t have these takes and SCARED to hop outside. You sound like an incell, fake dark web wannabe. He HAS to get off this show and do his OWM take and TAKE the little dudes who think like you. This is watering the brand down, badly. I’m starting to skip ANY video with him in it. I’m stomaching this bc of AD.

    IF YOU SEEING THIS NO JUMP MONITORS. GIVE FLAKKO HIS OWN SHOW!! You’ll see how bad they’ll do. You know DAMN WELL he can handle it alone. Smdh

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