March 27, 2023
French Montana Says Labels Are Taking Life Insurance Out on Rappers

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The number of rappers fatally shot or stabbed last year was unprecedented, and the trend has only continued in 2022. According to French Montana, the rising death toll has prompted record labels to take out life insurance policies on their artists.

Speaking to the Off The Record podcast, Montana speculated the labels were anticipating a big pay day if their artist gets murdered.

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38 thoughts on “French Montana Says Labels Are Taking Life Insurance Out on Rappers

  1. Guys, educate yourself. Life insurance is best when the person is still alive. There is something called cash value in an insurance policy which grows money tax free as long as the owner of the policy pays into the policy.

    Second, the person insured DOES NOT HAVE TO DIE for the owner of the policy to get paid, it’s called living benefits. If the insured get terminally ill, chronically I’ll, critically I’ll or critically Injured, the owner can get paid the death benefit.

    It’s a Great idea. It’s called “Key Man” insurance. Businesses and companies get key man life insurance on their key employees because they bring revenue for the business and if that key employee gets sick, inured or passes away, the company loses millions of dollars.

    Every small business from barbershops to large corporations like Amazon have key man insurance policies.

  2. It’s pathetic how you have an “industry” rapper admitting you on camera that these labels take out life insurances on these artists and most of you still don’t think these people are being sacrificed, when it’s quite obvious they are.

  3. I am sorry I very much upset with all this matters of I try to get Sony music company part that they stole my Gmail account is missing I can't get it it hidden something I don't know because I try get creator of Facebook and Pinterest together for music recording studio 🎙️ it trademark imprinted it make sure noone not steal or leak 🙏

  4. It bullshit it is they are theif it no right for them to do that it life insurance is any happen to u and family have have get them not the manager they need paid u back what u work for and all ur copyright ©️©️©️©️©️©️ it is matters of person is amazing music and that u hires fucking manager is liers of any kind of company if I am managing this label 🏷️ and copyright belong to you who u are I just work for u make sure all of it I just get paid for me is shelter and I make sure u protected and everything is

  5. Unfortunately that's a music industry standard.. I use to tour with BO$$ signed to Def Jam and all artist had a policy. Which was a 1 million dollar policy… And they aren't gonna give the artist family Amy of it.

  6. and the news from the conspiracy theorist headquarters, Labels are investing obscene amounts of money into the career of their artist to take out life insurance on them 🤡🤡🤡

  7. If the artist knows about the policy. That’s ok and the benefit should go to the family. If not that’s not right. Now if the artist doesn’t know then that’s illegal. You can’t just purchase a Life Insurance policy on someone without them knowing.

  8. French saying that like we didn't already know that shit has been happening and stretches years back. Rappers aren't the only ones. At the end of the day they're all satan's puppets displaying their devotion to the dark lord 🤘👌.

  9. Rappers are idiots constantly glorifying drugs , disrespect and murder. Literally begging to die or go to prison. So who cares what the label does. They're entertainers who belittle normal working class civilians. who are their fans so I really careless what happens to the most of them. They act above the law yet there's always someone above them . God bless us all

  10. It is better to be your own independent record label. If I were a legit billionaire I will have 5 businesses including estate planning for my future family not 🚫 major record labels. Excellent video 📸😊

  11. Of course they are they are an investment, besides most rappers are to dumb to have life insurance for themselves, duh ! 💯🤔🤨😬🤫💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💰⌛️

  12. I can understand that company’s having life insurance policies for artists, yet if the money just goes to the record label instead of the family of the deceased artist then that’s screwed up. Glad to see my bud is doing better! I’ll see him 7/18/23 in Milwaukee!

  13. A lot of people don’t understand almost every job does this literally. They do it so if you die, they can have money to recruit, hire and replace. Labels are starting to think like these other businesses who do the same thing. I’m sure if anyone with a job looks over their paper work, they’ll see their job has a life insurance policy on them as well so you can be replaced with that money for your position when you’re gone. It’s a sad truth, but I guarantee a ton of people don’t know. Stay woke!

  14. I'm not surprised that they're doing that shit but do it like nip, fuck the middle man, all money in, no money out. Fuck these record labels, move that shit yourself. Easier said than done but if I was into rap, is never sell my soul to these hungry messed up labels.

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