Belgian Grand Prix – Spa Travel Guide Belgium

Is it your dream to head to Spa for some high octane F1 action? Here’s what you need to know to make sure you enjoy your stay in style!

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How to get to Spa-Francorchamps

You can choose to fly into Brussels Airport, Luxembourg, Colne Bonn, or Dusseldorf – all of which are 110-140km away from Spa-Francorchamps, so you’ll need a transfer to wherever you are staying. A private hire transfer is ideal so you can arrive rested, or if you aren’t staying at or next to the track get a hire car so you can get from your accommodation to the circuit easily.

Where to stay near the F1 action

Trackside camping is the by far the most popular way to stay at Spa, and some say it is the only way to really get the full Spa Grand Prix experience. There are also glamping and camping options within 5km of the Spa circuit – including a dedicated F1 Glamping site that has a restaurant and bar.

If camping isn’t your style but you don’t want to splash your life savings on nearby hotel, then the best bet is get a hire car and stay in Liege, Aachen, Maastricht, or Luxembourg.

If you are going to Spa with a no-holds-barred approach, book a room at Hotel de la Source. It’s just a five minute walk form the F1 Paddock and is where many of the drivers, VIPs and celebrities stay for the race weekend.

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What to pack

Layers and waterproofs – the temperature is changeable and can get very wet
Rucksack – for taking your layers and waterproofs to the track
Comfy trainers or walking shoes – the Spa circuit is well known for its grassy and hilly terrain

Don’t worry about the glitz factor at Spa, it is a track that is well known for having a more relaxed feel, maybe because it’s hard to keep up polished appearances under a plastic poncho!

Loose change – some toilets have a fee to use
Snacks and drinks – things can get costly quickly eating “out” all weekend trackside, although cheaper options are available to grab before you go through the gates.

Good to know
• Spa itself is in a French-speaking part of Belgium, but you’ll happily get by with English, Dutch and German.
• The tap water is safe to drink.
• The currency is Euro.
• The weather in August is as warm as it gets (17 °C) but Spa has a micro-climate that gets a lot of rain, so don’t go expecting lots of sun!
• In case of emergency dial 112, 100 (medical emergencies only), or 101 (police only).

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