3 Shocking Benefits of Life Insurance Dave Ramsey Doesn't Want You to Know About

3 Shocking Benefits of Life Insurance Dave Ramsey Doesn't Want You to Know About

Did you know that life insurance is for a lot more than dying? Here are 3 benefits of life insurance that Dave Ramsey doesn’t want you to know about

3 SHOCKING Life Insurance Benefits You May Never Heard Of

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42 thoughts on “3 Shocking Benefits of Life Insurance Dave Ramsey Doesn't Want You to Know About

  1. He is not talking about you borrowing from your whole life.
    You earn dividentds ( interest) on money you have paid in as many nthly premiums.
    By the time i have paid $30000, i will only have a cash value of about five grand.
    The dividends is not profit, but i will check it out

  2. Have a lawyer explain disclosures that they have you sign, which can contradict thru your confusion over what they are selling you.
    And you will notice the agent does not print only signs his name where i cannot read.

  3. If you don't have money to invest in Real Estate. Don't invest in real estate! Almost everything he says in this clip has a ton of different risks. Before you become a YouTube expert consult a trustworthy advisor. If you want to invest in real estate talk to people who have done it well, or property management companies. If you want to buy life insurance consult a trusted financial consultant to understand the product from a financial point of view.

  4. Hello Brother Dave Ramsey, please do Live Dramatic Demonstration on How you create Irresistible Offer in order to SeLL Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, Child Education Insurance & Retirement Insurance Like Crazy or Like Hotcakes. Thanks

  5. As a former Insurance Advisor (corporate). While not completely false, half of what he says hides things. For example, when the market hits a downturn which hurts the Insurance company as well and they default (bankrupty, I mean) They won't be made liable to pay your dues out ( for CI, Regular Life, Universal/Wholelife etc,). However, the govt does cover it to some extent (70% in Canada and it varies on state). There's a lot more I can say, but I'd rather not type forever. Would I ever get insurance? Probably not.

  6. The problem I have with whole life insurance is that the fees are ridiculous the dividends are not taxed because the IRS says it’s a delivery overcharge so I don’t see how it’s any better then just getting term create a savings account for emergencies and invest. In the entire history of the stock market it has never crashed and not recovered to make new highs so I don’t see the risk in that.

  7. Never combine your investments and insurance together. Get a term life policy for much less than a garbage whole life policy. Then invest the rest in good mutual funds.

  8. Umm hasn't this guy heard of high yield savings account they probably pay the same interest rate as a life insurance policy and you don't lose any extra once you reach the cash value pay out.

  9. I pray that people see this video and understand that this is a terrible idea. It is a complete cash grab and the people who sell the services make massive commissions. If you are young and healthy the absolute best thing you can do is number one stay on your Parents health insurance as long as you can then once you get off of that get a term life policy

  10. Ask where the first CHUNK of cash goes before the cash value rises any.
    Term life insurance is for 2 reasons only; 1) to pay to bury yourself so no one else is stuck with the bill & 2) take care of loved ones left behind if you die. BONUS, if you have enough money personally (cash, property, nest egg) that your loved ones would be in good financial shape without you then you NO LONGER need life insurance.

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