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It’s easy to splash the cash and live in the moment when on holiday. But being thrifty when it comes to spending abroad means you could travel more often or for longer! Check out these top tips to keep your spending sensible and make your money go further on holiday.

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  1. Go all-inclusive – if you book in advance, you can pay in instalments and there’s no spending surprises at your destination.
  1. Go half board or self catering – often a cheaper option and if you shop wisely at local markets and shops you can keep your food costs down.
  1. Set a budget – if you think you can keep to it, allow a set spend for days out, eating out, tasty treats, and souvenirs.
  1. Plan eating out – being tired and hungry is a sure-fire way to think it’s a great idea to head to the nearest restaurant or order a takeout or room service! If you know which days you plan to eat out, you can get food in for the days you are catering for yourself.
  1. Plan your excursions – there is always so much to see and do, so when you get to your destination (or before!) decide what days out are a MUST, and see what budget you have left to do other activities.
  1. Find places to picnic or BBQ – this can be a cheap, easy and fun way to eat out on holiday.
  1. Allocate kids ice-cream money – not only will this help them learn to budget themselves, but it will keep the guilt away while keeping on-budget.
  1. Locate the local markets – local produce, fresh ingredients and usually at a favourable price. A great place to grab food on the go, or to stock up your supplies.
  1. Grab lunch at the local supermarket – you don’t have to eat out every day, and supermarkets are the same the world over. It’s easy to find something light for lunch, and a great way to discover new foods.
  1. Pay in local currency with a Mastercard – the exchange rate is fixed and doesn’t come with any extra charges such as commission.
  1. travel by bus – a hire car can be great but it isn’t usually a thrifty option. Take the bus to save money and to really soak up your surroundings.
  1. Get car hire excess insurance – if you are going to hire a car, don’t get hit with costly bills for damage to things that aren’t covered by the car hire company insurance. Their own damage liability waiver can be costly with unfavourable terms – we offer surprisingly affordable car hire excess insurance that covers all bases.
  1. Hire bikes – as well as being cheap transport, you can also make bike hire a great day out!
  1. Get out in nature – it is free, good for the soul, and great for your physical and mental health!
  1. Take your own entertainment – whether that is card games, a games console, or some films downloaded to a tablet, it will keep the family entertained without spending more money.
  1. Check your data allowance – you should get a message from your network provider as soon as you enter a new country, check to make sure what is and isn’t included in your allowance and switch off data roaming if you are at all unsure!
  1. Get “kids go free” travel insurance – an easy way to save money whilst still making sure you have the insurance you need.
  1. Don’t get hit with huge medical bills – as well as getting your travel insurance, get your Global Health Insurance Card, it replaces the EHIC, and gets card holders access to treatment at the same cost as a resident of that country.

Find out more about the benefits of a GHIC and why you still need to make sure you have travel insurance too in one of our recent blogs: GHIC is the New EHIC – Health Insurance On Holiday.

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